Industrial Lighting Solutions

We are now serving all of the Western & Central parts of the USA, including Utah. We are now serving all of the Western & Central parts of the USA, including Utah. 

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting solutions. 

Reduce Energy & Reduce Costs Usage by upgrading your lights to new state of the art LED lights. 

Rebates & Tax Incentives - We are experienced in all types of government rebates & Tax incentives for upgrading to energy efficient LED lights. Get the most out of your upgrade and improve your ROI, Return on investment.

0% Financing - Offering financing options for everyone, including 0%, risk free financing options for certain areas. Fill out the contact form to the right & we will reach out as soon as possible.

​Complete Lighting Solutions - We handle everything from ordering your new lights, to installation, to applying for your rebates. Your happiness & satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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Commercial Lighting

We specialize in all types of new LED lighting projects. Free Quotes, just fill out the contact form above. Experts in high quality, long lasting LED lighting fixtures.  Our team will handle all aspects of your new installation. Taking the stress out of your job knowing the professionals will handle everything

Your job will be done once you decide to work with us, we handle every step of the process. 

Stadium Lights & Outdoor Lighting

Installing high quality LED Lighting fixtures to light entire fields for night time activities. Stadium & Parking Lot Lights

Warehouse & Shop Lighting

Upgrading your Shop or Warehouse will save you 50-80% on your lighting costs, and most of our clients see a ROI (return on investment) in less than one year. We also are experts in all tax incentives and government rebates, making you look like a genius while we do all the work. We work hard to make sure you save every dollar possible by making the switch to LED. 

Our high quality trusted manufacturers guarantee the lights that will maximize your dollar and save you money on your overhead costs. 

LED lights are also thought to increase efficentcy and health of your employees. This means that switching to LED may also improve employee moral & output, all while saving you money. Being able to see everything clearly is apparently the key to a happy and productive workforce.

Church & Production Stage Lighting

Upgrading your Church or Production Stage will add new life to the experience. Not only will everything love the new lighting, you will save money on your electric costs making the whole project pay for itself. Most clients save 50%-75% of their lighting costs by upgrading to LED lights.

Office & School Lighting

Upgrading and Retrofitting everything from Government owned State Buildings to Schools & Universities. We will save you money on both electric costs & you will do your part to use less energy. 

LED Lights are said to increase student and employee efficiency and productivity. It is uncertain why this happens, but one theory is that having the right lighting makes the brain think that it is mid day & makes people happier, healthier & more productive.