Lighting shops through LED brings numerous benefits to businesses such as less costs in utilities and efficiency in energy consumption. In making the switch to LED shop lights, there are a few important variables that need to be considered. We are happy to walk you through the process and give you are experienced advice. Fill out the contact form to the right for a free quote. Below we have provided a brief description of the most popular products.

Different Types of LED Shop Lights

Different shops have diverse needs, and we can help everyone. Preferences on the types of LED shop lights depend on their desired layout of the shop, and expected savings on energy, including the lifespan and visibility of the lighting vis-à-vis its wattage.

Overhead lights

  •  Overhead lights are one of the most popular because it provides lighting close to the work station, and cover a wide area around the workplace.
  • Shop owners may opt to have the overhead lights hanging or to have it mounted directly to the ceiling for more headspace.

Track lights

  • If overhead lighting does not fascinate you enough, you may choose to install track lights instead.
  • Track lights are another style which allows you to aim light to a certain direction only.
  • Since these are attached to the ceiling, the reach of the light may be too limited to fully illuminate your work station should you have a huge headspace.

Under-Cabinet Lights

  • Work shops with many cabinets may have their cabinets installed with a type of LED shop light called under-cabinet lights.
  • Fixing a work table under cabinets can help maximize the space of the shop, as well as illuminate the table from under the cabinet.
  • Overhead lights may not cover the whole workstation or may not suffice the necessary lighting to the workplace, so installing under-cabinet lights would be helpful.
More Types of LED Shop Lights

We offer many options depending on the fixture that your shop may need.

  • LED Vapor Tight and LED strip/shop lights are available.
  • Maximum wattage of the fixtures is 40W.
  • Light visibility of LED shop lights ranges from 2,500 lumens to 5,328 lumens.
  • Daylight, cool white, and neutral white are the available color tones of the LED shop lights
  • Some LED shop lights can last up to 50,000, 66,000 and even up to 120,000 hours.

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