Is it Better To Purchase LED or Fluorescent Shop Lights?
LED's are one of the best lighting options in providing a smarter way for optimum experience. In the past few years, residences have long stayed with the notion that fluorescent lights are better to use in garages, workshops and studios, notwithstanding the features it cannot offer - both practically and wisely. This is why manufacturers paved the way to the innovation of LED Shop Lights. This does not only solve the problems of dimness and inconsistency emitted by a typical fluorescent light but also give residences the best lighting options it could ever give.
What are LED Shop Lights?
LED shop lights provide a solution to the common problems of residences in terms of illumination conditions. This is because these shop lights promise to increase the lighting features an existing fluorescent light cannot give.
They enticingly ensure to provide a premium level of brightness. One reason is that its lighting features start from 8000 lumens at 6000K bright white with at least 50,000 hours long lifespan, providing a considerable lighting situation to brighten up your home,
In addition, they are energy-efficient, cutting off 75% of your energy expenditures. It is also a smart choice as it can last as long from 50, 000 - 110, 000 hours, contingent upon how much it is utilized during the day and your energy rates. But, it can last even longer. With its long lifespan, it is 25 times better than an existing incandescent bulb.
Shop lights are commonly installed at garages, studios and workshops. However, with the flexible functionality and long lifespan of an LED, it can also serve in many purposes. It can be mounted in industrial workstations, showrooms and even in warehouses.
LED Shop Lights Vs. Fluorescent Lights

  • Cost efficient, saving money
  • Lights are dimmable
  • Provides a stable light without flickering

  • When turned on or off, LED shop lights on and off instantaneously
  • Long lifespan (50, 000 to 110, 000 hours typical)
  • Environment-friendly, by using less energy.


  • More expensive to operate, and less environmentally friendly
  • New fluorescent bulbs are dimmable but, older bulbs are not appropriate for dimming on numerous occasions.
  • Produces wavering light when it is about to end its lifespan
  • When turned on, one may wait a few seconds for it to light up
  • 10,000  to 40, 000 hours typical lifespan
  • Contains toxic mercury

Why LED?
With LED Shop Lights, you will have a wide variety of wattage and lighting options and functionality. LED'sare more expensive than fluorescent lights. on the front end, they will save you money in the long run with their long life span and minimal energy usage. Nonetheless, LED bulbs are worth an investment if you wanted to provide an optimum home lighting experience. It does not only cut a considerable amount of energy expenditure monthly but also help reduce global problems on energy pollution.
Furthermore, within the next few years, the US government will be mandating institutions to the synchronized use of LED lights as it is seen as a practical solution to cut off the average global energy cost output.

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