LED dimmer switches re an extra feature that complements businesses’ plans to lessen inefficiencies in energy consumption. As opposed to on-and-off switches, a dimmer switches allows you to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting depending on their desired ambiance and illumination in the room. A dimmer switch is a rheostat, which allows you to control the amount of electricity going to the lights. This means you can save even more money on your electrical bill by adjusting the light to the perfect brightness based on your needs.

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Benefits of LED dimmer switches

The capability to fine-tune the level of illumination in office areas brings numerous benefits, especially in energy and cost efficiency.

  • Sunlight lit areas require minimal lighting, which means you can save energy by reducing the electrical output.
  • Save money by maximize the lifespan of your LED office lighting and minimize the need to replace bulbs by dimming the lights.
  • Dimming the lights by 25% full-time will make your LED lightbulbs last 4x longer.
  • Set the mood or ambiance for presentations in your office space.
  • Maximize the functionality of office rooms by putting lights to dim for presentations and rest periods, and turn it back on to maximum brightness during regular work hours.

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We have a few different style dimmer switches available:
  • Traditional: Dimmer is attached to the on/off switch.
  • Phone, computer, app operated switches - control and manage the lights from anywhere.
  • Control more than one room at one with multi-room lighting setup. This lessens the necessity for multiple light switches and dimmers.
  • Switches that can dim up to 600W of LED lightbulbs.

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